Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Type O Negative

i've had my ups and downs with type o negative. carnivore was always more my thing. when "black no.1" was in heavy rotation on the 'ball, i thought it was pretty goofy shit. i still liked the song, and giggled to myself when ever it or "christian woman" would come on. then "october rust" came out. i HATED october rust. its still my least favorite type o negative album to this day. it offended me so, that i refused pay the band any more attention what so ever. several years later i was in a serious long-term relationship with a girl who's favorite band happened to be type o negative. wouldnt you know it, but her favorite type o album was fucking october rust. that shit got played so much it drove me crazy and awakened all the animosity i had felt years before. i fucking hated this band. some time later i bought her "life is killing me" when it came out. my hatred had subsided, but now she was the one loathing them. i shelved this band until recently when my bass player hit a type o phase and jammed this shit for weeks at a time every time we left for tour. giving them a listen after a few years off and hearing their newer material was a breath of fresh air. me and type are in good standings as of now. looking back these videos are just as awesome/hilarious as i remember them. i still have to say i like carnivore better, though. sorry, chris.

Machine Head

Machine Head was one of the definitive bands of my youth.  I remember watching the "Davidian" video on my Roadrunner Evolution video cassette.  That shit has basically every component you could want to make a great video.  Fire, footage of the band walking their dog, footage of the band playing live, footage of some black guy doing a feet first stage dive at a Machine Head show.  Too bad pretty much everything after "Burn My Eyes" sucked.  -J.W. 



think biohazard was my first real foray into the world of hardcore. of course, back then i couldnt really tell the difference between this and metal, i just knew that bands like these had way more tattoos and possessed a real affection for bandannas and basket-ball jerseys. i got a friend's brother to buy me "state of the world address" and jammed it pretty constantly. this was the same time period as machine head's "burn my eyes". when i heard an announcement for a tour involving biohazard/machine head/slayer i was obsessed with seeing the heroes of headbanger's ball live and in the flesh. when i tried to break the news to my folks of my aspirations they promptly told me to fucking forget it. these videos are all pretty hilarious looking back on it. the video for "5 blocks to the subway" was always kinda funny, because from what i can tell they were pretty much roaming around prospect heights and acting like it was the toughest place on earth. regardless, i still jam biohazard. "punishment" makes me want to commit genocide.
The videos for the songs off "Urban Discipline" are amazing in the fact that their artistry (in my opinion) actually exceeds the quality of the songs that they were made for.  And I like the songs!   "Punishment" is particularly great.  Tons of cameos from NYHC all-stars.  Other notes: Bobby Hambel is like a wild, caged animal.  "Judgement Night" is the most ingenious combination of rock and hip hop that has ever (or will ever) be made. 

Limp Bizkit

Any video tribute to the 90's wouldn't be complete without Limp Bizkit.  Ok, Fred Durst is a douche, the guitar player wears a corset and cosmetic contact lenses, and the other two guys are dime-a-dozen, interchangeable rock rap dudes..."Rollin'" is still really fucking catchy.  Plus the Durst man f'ed Britney, discovered Kenna, and starred in a video with Method Man (not to mention Pauly Shore).  File under: Good Things Happening To Bad People.  I think I'm going to go download all these songs and hide them on my ipod under Sepultura: Schizophrenia. 
P.S. I'm not really sure if all these came out in the 90's.