Monday, February 25, 2008


"far beyond driven" was one of the coolest things i had ever heard at the time. i think every dude of my generation who was into metal was into pantera. i remember watching those home videos and thinking, "wow, one day i hope i can be drunk all the time and break shit and gamble money on whether kirk windstein can drink a bunch of booze and hang out with slayer and break shit and do drugs...". as far as i'm concerned, vulgar display of power and far beyond driven are the only albums that matter, but since im a nice guy....


good band, backed hard. everyone thought they were some reincarnation of the beatles at the time cause they had stupid mod haircuts and round sunglasses. "dont look back in anger" was my favorite jam out of the lot. it was great cause noel sang and liam just got to bang on a tambourine like a dildo and make faces at the camera.

p.s. if memory serves me correctly i gave my first finger-bang to the sweet backing of "wonderwall".

The Smashing Pumpkins

a definitive band of my youth. all three of these albums received copious amounts of play in my boom box. even though some of these singles weren't my favorites (*cough*disarm*cough*)
i never changed channels when these videos came on. one word- d'arcy.

Lisa Loeb

i remember watching this video while waiting for the "jon stewart show" to come on all the time. its like mtv knew how to bum you out right before jon stewart or the state came on. everyone dissed on her glasses at the time. its weird, she never did it for me but looking back "i'd say"- WOULD.

4 Non-Blondes

stupid fucking song. completely unavoidable at the time. there's a reason they were a one-hit wonder. great to sing acapella whilst drunk, but the video just reminds you that some people actually thought the "grunge dyke" look was cool. if i want to see 90's chicks dressed like shit i'll watch the breeders' "cannonball".