Monday, February 18, 2008

Local H

this is one of those bands that i couldn't stand at the time, and though im still not particularly fond of them , i kinda like "bound for the floor" now. i always remember dudes saying "how come its just the two of them? i can clearly hear a bass player?". well, from what i remember, it was said that the guitar player installed bass pickups on his guitar so he could play both. i dont know about you, but that sounds like a triumphant load of bullshit to me. i've posted another, lesser known single of theirs here, but you probably don't care. its pretty much cat turds anyway.

Morbid Angel

I heard Korn covers God of Emptiness live.  
The first time I ever heard this was on Beavis and Butthead. Everyone thought that show was cool, but all they were really doing was making fun of awesome shit.  This song has ridiculous lyrics about god knows what, animals slithering and creeping about hither and thither.  Despite this, it is truly evocative and makes me want to trip my grandmother and kick her in the ass in the name of SATAN.   Bad-ass. 


R.E.M., dedicated to Brian Wallace. -J.W. 

Depeche Mode

i didnt get into depeche mode until much later in life. however,in the early 90's my sister was dating this dude named "keith". keith looked like an iguana with bright red hair. my dad once referred to him as a "fire-headed faggot". he was a dj for some college radio station, so he had his pasty finger on the pulse of what was cool at the time. i heard depeche mode and morrissey through them. being into metallica and guns n' roses, i thought it was the pinnacle of homo-eroticism but i also had asked for the fine young cannibals album for x-mas in '88, so what did i know? that being said, i love "violator".

Matthew Sweet

"Girlfriend" is a great fucking song. "Sick of Myself" isn't too shabby either.  I have a friend that loves Matthew Sweet and actually listens to some of his other songs, but I don't know anything about all that...I'm sticking with the hits here. -J.W.