Thursday, February 28, 2008


great band. it took me years to "get" the pixies. i remember kurt cobain swinging on frank black's nuts in interviews all the time. the video for "velouria" has to be the absolute lowest budget project in music video history. by the way, has anyone seen these guys recently? it looks like frank black and kim deal ate the other two members. frank black looks like he should join tenacious d whenever kyle gas finally strokes out.

Rage Against The Machine

I can't really get down with them like I used to, but for a long time RATM was one of my favorite bands.  They've been playing shows again, so hopefully some new recordings will come out of that, since I liked everything up to and including "The Battle of Los Angeles." 
Most people know that these guys ditched their singer, and then hired the singer from another one of my favorite 90's bands, Soundgarden.  You would think that the collaboration would be wonderful, but as it turns out, it was mostly doo-doo. 
LOL at the fat kid going crazy in the "Freedom" video.  I'm right there with you, young one.  UUUHHHHHH!-J.W. 

Cypress Hill

Cypress Hill.  I'm not down with that "Rock Star" shit they're doing now, but back in the day, this was ill.  "Insane..." was so ubiquitous that at one point I heard my junior high school principal's wife singing it.  I guess she saw them on Saturday night live. -J.W.