Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Great fucking band. these were the only videos i could dig up. i think me and jerry should start a "fuck universal music group" blog to vent our frustrations over getting repeatedly cock-blocked when trying to post vids. anywho, there's not a lot i can say about helmet other than they were truly awesome and a definitive 90's band that influenced countless bands after them. me and jerry actually saw them recently and it was insanely fun. page hamilton was kind of a dork, but he did nail winona ryder which makes him leaps and bounds cooler than you.


i traded this douchebag in my class a couple of shitty x-factor comic books for the cassingle of this g. danzig classic. i wore it out until i finally broke down and bought the whole live album. to be honest, the live album kinda sucks but i didnt know any better at the time. no one pulls off mesh quite like danzig. no one. viva metal elvis!!!



"Seasons in the Abyss" is the video that got me into Slayer.  It also got me into my favorite metal album of all time, "Seasons in the Abyss."  No, "Reign In Blood" is not the best Slayer album, sorry.  Anyway, Slayer really started to go downhill after SITA.  Their last somewhat good record was probably "Divine Intervention."  I watched this video for "Dittohead" frequently on Headbanger's Ball.  It is a good track and an awesome clip, but I found out it is about Rush Limbaugh or something (in a good way).  This is further evidence that, while they may have brought us some of the best tunes ever, Slayer is comprised of huge homos.   
PS All you people out there that thought Slayer was "making a comeback" with that crap album they put out last year, FUCK YOU.  That thing is a steaming pile of shit sewage.   Stop wasting your time and just go play "War Ensemble" on repeat. -J.W. 


what a band. all of their material was top notch. i still say superunknown was one of the best records of the 90's. yeah, thats right, superunknown. it was like what, 15 tracks, and half of them were singles? i've always heard that chris cornell was a waiter at red lobster before he hit it big. you know just as well as i do that the rest of the waiters there probably made him sing "happy birthday" every single time one rolled in. "HERE'S YOUR CHEESE BISCUUUIITTSS!!! YOOOUU GUYS READY TO OOOORDEEERR???"