Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rocket From the Crypt

man, i love this song. usually bands with horn sections send back breaking douche-chills careening down my spine, but RFTC was an esteemed exception. i remember this video airing occasionally, and even though i thought it was a wicked gay concept, the song was good enough to get me to watch it. i read not too long ago that the original video they shot was too shocking for mtv to air , so in protest they re-shot the thing with them trying to act as cuddly and homo as possible. great song, great album. do yourself a favor and pick up "scream dracula scream" if'n you don't already have it.


all my friends thought this was the greatest shit since pogs when it came out. i wasnt opposed to it, but it never really did anything for me. most of these videos were pretty popular. i actually got dragged to one of their shows by a girl who thought gavin rossdale was "so cute". they were on tour with two little known acts- no doubt and the goo goo dolls. needless to say, i had an awful time. on the other hand, i did get to make out with that girl. i guess mr. rossdale had done his part in getting her adolescent panties all soppy and left her ripe for the picking. unfortunately i hadnt quite perfected the art of "closing the deal" at the time, so a little tongue-twister had to suffice. to bush i say- thanks?

Blind Melon

inescapable song. this video was on almost as much as "november rain" or "losing my religion". no one could really figure this out at the time. it was like some bizarre neo-hippy bullshit, the song didnt really have a catchy chorus and the dancing fat girl in the bee tutu ....well, lets face it...she sucks. thats why she got laughed at in the beginning. whats weirder is that several years prior, shannon hoon (the singer) was singing backups to none other than w. axl rose in the "don't cry" video. how does that happen? just like the fat retard from sublime, this guy dosed himself with a lethal spoonful of smack. whatever.


AC/DC are true poets of rock.  Like a masterful haiku, their songs attain the highest levels of artistry while utilizing only the sparest of tools.  Plus, they are truly bad-ass.  Put them up against the heaviest metal band, and AC/DC will make them all look like a pack of 12 year old girls making their first trip to Rite-Aid for maxi pads.   Fucking pussies. 
This first song is from a film that sucked.  Enjoy. 

Alice in Chains

"What The Hell Have I" was another great track from the Last Action Hero Soundtrack. It is probably my favorite AIC song, as well as being one of the hardest songs ever written.  
"Would" was on the Singles soundtrack, in addition to being on Dirt.  It is a song about a guy who died from a heroin overdose, sung by a guy that was destined to die from a heroin overdose.   Good one. -J.W.