Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stone Temple Pilots

Just like everyone else in the world, I thought "Plush" was a Pearl Jam song the first 10,000 times I heard it on the radio.   "Core" turned out to be a pretty good record, "Purple" was even better, and "Tiny Music..." was also exellent.  They put out a couple more albums after that, but honestly, I stopped paying attention. -J.W. 

The Breeders

I bought the cassingle for this song in '93 i believe. shit was catchy as fuck. a good friend of mine and i were discussing the other day the peculiar smell that accompanied the cassingle. for those of you who dont remember, the cassingle was generally a black cassette tape with the hit song of your choice on one side and a remix/live track/b-side on the other, all wrapped up in a decorative cardboard-esque slipcase....and they all smelled the same. i had tons of them. now the slipcase is where the funny smell actually originated. years later i was to learn that the smell was that of patchouli (it was one of those olfactory cognates i.e. a smell that reminds you of something from the past) whilst perusing a head shop with some friends. the really weird thing, is that it was the exact same smell from when you first busted He-Man out of his packaging or any other action figure of that era. im guessing it was the same cardboard material that they used to package both, but why patchouli? was it the same dude who ran the shift at the packaging plant or something? fucking bizarre.


i had a serious boner for this band ever since a friend of mine i skateboarded with gave me a dubbed cassette of "adrenaline". i think its been like 12 years now or something, and i still pretty much have liked all of their albums. they never came off goofy or nu-metal to me like some of their contemporaries. bands like the deftones or far just kinda did their thing and always sounded cool doing it.


Quicksand is great.  No jokes.  Everything they did was good, and the only crime they committed was breaking up when they still could have been making great music.  I didn't even know these videos existed when they came out.  -J.W. 

Pearl Jam

I tried to find the video for "Daughter," but the only version I found was one that SonyBMG put up, and they had embedding disabled.  Also, I'm pretty sure there was a video for "Go" from VS., but I didn't have any luck there, either. -J.W. 
P.S. Zach is right (see comments).  The video for "Daughter" was just some bullshit.  My bad!