Sunday, February 24, 2008


BRUTAL FUCKING PIT ACTION!!! say what you will about this song, that break hits fucking hard as demonstrated by the hundred or so amped euros doing their zany euro hop. this shit was in constant rotation when i was a kid. this along with jesus jones "right here" were inescapable. then again you didnt really want to get away from them. that "OOOHHH" still makes me want to run around and fucking clobber the unsuspecting.


Fuck the assholes who hate on them for the more rock and roll oriented approach they ended up taking.  Wolvering Blues kills.  Here we have the evidence. This song makes me want to eviscerate the gods and rob sugary confections from the mouths of babes.  Best song ever?  A definite contender.  -J.W. 


God-fucking-damn.  From the only Carcass album I care about. -J.W. 


This video is the shit.  It was on the semi-famous "Evolution" Roadrunner Record videos sampler.  It expresses how I feel about most things (I really don't care) while also reminding me that industrial pollution is pretty fucked up, even if you're in Obituary.  
Actually, I'm not really sure what this video is trying to say. Is it that mankind doesn't care, and this apathy will lead to an apocalyptic future where children play in sewage?   Is it that Obituary doesn't care about pollution?  I can totally see John Tardy driving down some backwoods Florida road, listening to Leprosy on his truck's tape deck and throwing Budweiser cans out the window.  Or is it that children just don't care about getting dirty? I'd consult the lyric sheet, but I think there are only four words used in this entire song. -J.W. 

Afghan Whigs