Friday, February 29, 2008


Jawbox's eponymous LP is FLAWLESS.  FUCKING FLAWLESS!  If you haven't ever heard it, go buy it.  NOW.   
Unfortunately the jerk that uploaded the videos from that album ("Cornflake Girl" and "Mirrorful") as well as "Cooling Card" from "Your Own Special Sweetheart" disabled I can't put these videos on my entry.  Why the fuck would you do this?  Thanks a lot, dick.  So all I can post is "Savory" from "Your Own Special Sweetheart."  You'll have to go to YouTube for the rest. 

The Roadrunner Evolution VHS Tape Tribute

One of my fondest memories of the 90's was the Roadrunner Records "Evolution" video sampler.  This compilation had videos from Type O, Sepultura, Life of Agony,  Black Train Jack, Machine Head, Dog Eat Dog, and Obituary, and was $1 or something at the store.  I watched this tape over and over again, so I thought I'd share it here for those of you who missed out on it the first time. Here are the videos, in the sequence they were found on the tape.-J.W.