Saturday, February 16, 2008

Corrosion of Conformity

This is the only COC song youtube would let me post. as you can probably already tell, jerry and i watched copious amounts of headbanger's ball. COC used to be a thrashy crossover band until they settled on the whole stoner/southern thing. "deliverance" is a great fucking album. i saw these guys blow metallica off the stage years ago, but unfortunately pepper keenan looked like he was playing a high school talent show a few weeks back when i saw him with down.
I went ahead and put "Vote With a Bullet" up here for Phil. A true Headbanger's Ball Classic.-JW

Green Day

when "dookie" by green day came out i was deeply enthralled in all things headbanger's ball. some how even i knew that something about them rang false. "but phillip, green day have been around since the 80's and really payed their dues, blah, blah, legit band, blah blah". whatever. im not gonna knock them for getting big. i will however knock them for opening the flood gates for the multitudes of shitty pop-punk that followed in their wake (sum-41, sr-71, and yes im gonna lump blink 182 into the pile of shitty bands with numeric monikers). jawbreaker never went diamond, and they were a billion times better without all the stupid hair, goofy neck-ties and ridiculous facial gestures. i remember when the sex pistols did their dumbass reunion in the mid-90's and john lydon would go on and on in every interview applauding green day for their success and what not. yeah, because what right did "mr. punk-rock" have to criticize them when he was responsible for the most hypocritical grab-for-cash of that time! most of my friends were apeshit over "dookie" and i probably heard all those songs waaay more than any human should. i would usually shrug off their enthusiasm and return fire with a track from "far beyond driven" or "superunknown". i definitely liked the next two green day albums better, but even that being said they always made boring ass videos.

Chris Isaac

This was a request from schuler. according to him this video initiated his first chubby. what you have to understand was that way back when, music videos such as this one were like pornography for little kids like us. though i do agree that this video was extremely boner-inducing and i never missed an opportunity to oggle that topless super-model, my first stiffy visited me in 1987 while staring intently at the video for madonna's "open you heart". seriously, youtube that shit and see what im talking about. anyway, i remember watching this video and thinking to myself why this broke-ass "computer who wore tennis-shoes" got to roll around in the sand with the hot chick. i guess i've always been a hater. good song, better video. -phillip

Skid Row

Skid Row is fantastic.  I wish to god their first album had come out in '90 instead of '89.  "Slave to the Grind" has some heavy ass tracks. I also have tracks from their "B-Side Ourselves," "Subhuman Race," and The Prophecy soundtrack up. By the way, Sebastian Bach-would. -J.W. 

Toad The Wet Sprocket

"Walk On The Ocean" makes me sad.  T.T.W.S. probably best typifies the type of 90's music I have dubbed "alterna-bland."  Still, I sort of like their singles.  -J.W.