Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Soul Asylum

Soul Asylum were a moderately successful 90's alternative band.  Their record featured a cover with bare butts on it.  Not sure what that was all about, but it sure was tough to sneak it past my mom. They put out a bunch of other records that no one gives a shit about.  "Runaway Train" is  pretty pussy, but you'll be singing along and tapping your foot in no time.  "Somebody to Shove" is a lot better.  Killer guitar lead and a slammin' chorus.  
Soul Asylum is also notable for the fact that their singer railed Winona Ryder, even though he looks like he did a faceplant on an I.E.D.  The dude is uglier than my butthole with a wig on...good for him. -J.W.  

Guns and Roses

A lot of people say that Appetite for Destruction is the best thing Guns and Roses ever did.  These people are probably correct.  However, you are truly doing yourself a disservice if you dismiss the two-headed hydra of Use Your Illusion (Volumes 1 and 2).  Indulgent, decadent, completely ridiculous and over the top...of these components, great rock and roll is constructed. Plus there were at least 40 videos that were made from songs on these two albums...how bad could it really be?  "You Could Be Mine" starts things off here, and I'll be goddamned if it doesn't make me want to snort a line of coke and smack my supermodel wife right in her cunt mouth.  Viva GNR.  -J.W.