Thursday, February 21, 2008




holy ambiguous sexuality, batman! morrissey is another one of those 90's staples that i felt was fruitier than richard simmons in a punch bowl at the time, but later became one of my favorites. i remember some of these videos getting casual play on 120 minutes, but i cant remember any of them seeing heavy rotation. they were probably enormous over in jolly ol' england. like depeche mode, i had some prior familiarity with the moz-father due to my sister's dingle-berry boyfriend. its funny to watch the progression of style from the earliest to the later videos. i remember wondering why these dudes with greaser cuts and neck tattoos were being led around by an obviously effeminate pied-piper. if you start with the video for "sing your life" you notice he 's totally rockabilly with a 2 and a half foot tall pomp, but by the time of "alma matters" his hair is way more constrained and he's dressing like james vanderbeek. maybe his power rests in his hair? maybe thats why those couple of 90's albums after "vauxhall and i" suck ass? those last two albums he released in 2003 and 2007 were pretty good, and wouldnt you know it....the hair got big again.


Sadly, these were the only two Jackyl videos I could find. The video for "I Stand Alone" is amazing.-J.W.

little do the other members of my band know, but we will be covering "i stand alone" in the very near future. sing-a-long city!


To some, it might be blasphemy, but I fucking hate Megadeth (outside from a few tracks).  This band really started to go downhill with the "Youthanasia" album, or however the fuck you spell it.  The title to that album was really clever.  So was the riff in "Train of Consequences" that sounded exactly like a train.   They played the video for "Train..." on Headbanger's Ball with an almost religious zeal, so I guess all the cleverness worked out well for these guys. 
The bass player in my band went through a phase about a year ago when pretty much all he listened to was Megadeth.  One time we were making a road trip and he put the entire Megadeth catalog on shuffle (even the newer albums).  I remember simultaneously wanting to kill him, myself, Dave Mustaine, and the entire world.  Anyway, fuck this band.  Enjoy. -J.W.