Tuesday, August 24, 2010


They say all good things must come to an end. In some instances this is particularly evident. None more so than after the decline of the "Gilded Age of Commercially-Viable Yet Still Somewhat Artistically Integral" era that was the early to mid-90's. The latter portion of that decade was plagued by a vapid soullessness that permeated listener's ears and gave way to the rise of (to my great sorrow) the butt-rock dirges we now like to call "modern rock". We have FCC deregulation of radio station ownership to thank for this. As a result, media giants like Clear Channel were able to buy up 90% of the airwaves and push only a small fraction of whatever garbage they deemed fit down our throats. Is any band in particular to blame? Not exactly. The mediocrity that holds sway to this very moment was ushered in by the shifting from what was a promising coalesce of college-rock and pop music which unfortunately quickly devolved into the "Alterna-Bland" of the late 90's. This was propagated by a certain breed of dingleberry....sensitive men with sweaters, scraggly chin hair or soul-patches, butt-cuts, and a never-fail "play the feminist card to get laid" routine.

Speaking of idiots like those, here's Dishwalla. They fucking sucked.

p.s. Pitchfork can eat my shit.

Shudder to Think

After two and a half years of stagnation, we're bringing this bitch back. Its been a long 30 months or so, but fear not.....we'll be here to post for another couple of weeks before we decide to just keep on persisting with our miserable existences and let this blog once again fall into neglect for another couple of years. In the meantime, lets kick it off with some fruity-post-hardcore-come-art-phaggery. Shudder to Think were an early 90's emo-ish (think Rites of Spring and not Fall Out Boy, assholes) band on Dischord that got signed to a major label and went off the deep end with "Pony Express Record". Its amazing that album spawned as many singles as oddball as it is. Shit's pretty awesome, but i thought it to be pretty homo-erotic when I was a tween. The video for Hit Liquor doesn't help their case.

The guitar player was in Swiz and is now married to the chick in the Cardigan's which makes him my role-model and way cooler than any of you