Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Spin Doctors

this is the sort of thing you giggle about when it comes on the radio at three in the morning on a long drive home. at the time, this shit was like having someone with dysentery unload into your ears. i found it particularly offensive then because my mom though it was "neat". i couldnt post the video for little miss cant be wrong, but i did find the NBA edited version of jimmy olsen blues. that's right, its a video of a bunch a big black guys working out and dunking hard on the court spliced with the original footage from the video. i faintly remember this happening. it used to come on TNT or something during that season.


good ol' aerosmith. these guys were fucking dinosaurs back then. me and jerry both had the special edition furry copy of get a grip. it was great album from my childhood and spawned a nice string of singles. eat the rich is an ass-kicker a la back in the saddle, while crazy, cryin', and amazing were an unholy triumvirate of ballads that were released with some sort of conceptual theme. basically, they were ripping off guns n' roses (or paying them back for all the aerosmith riffs they probably ripped off at one time or another). i havent really heard any of those songs since then, but i just realized how awful those ballads really were. at the time i was under the spell of alicia silverstone and was more willing to ignore the sappiness. by the way, if you'll notice in the video for cryin', the dude who steals her purse in the diner is none other than sawyer from lost. obviously, this was before he perfected the "long con" and having had his ass kicked by alicia silverstone i can see why he's not in any hurry to leave the island. livin' on the edge starred eddie furlong, hot off the success of T2. i remember wondering how steven tyler was able to so well conceal his package with just one hand. lastly, is the goddamned song from that shitty bruckheimer movie. you know the one. it sucks.

Natalie Imbruglia

Natalie Imbruglia was a one hit wonder.  "Torn" is really catchy.  In fact, I was singing the song in my car the other day, and I probably hadn't actually even heard it in three or four years.  "Smoke" is an ok song with poorly written lyrics.  I had this album back in the day.  POR QUE!!!! -J.W. 

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Gin Blossoms