Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Offspring

i jammed the shit out of this band back then. they had a corny white dude with braids and a guitar player named "noodles". yuck. i bought "smash" when it came out and yanked "ignite" from a friend, jamming both pretty consistently and then just putting it down and not really ever listening to either of them again. i dont think i voluntarily listened to the offspring past 1995. everyone else i knew was into this band too. looking back and hearing these songs, they're all pretty lame. i dont know why i dug it so much then. i'm sure this is the same as green day where someone can chime in on how this used to be a "legit" band. if you're that dude, you're a fucking dork. by the time that "americana" album came out, they were pretty much the worst band ever. the video progression is awesome, by the way. watch the evolution of "punk" in progress.

Aphex Twin

not really too familiar with aphex twin. on the other hand, i doubt too many readers here are either. these are the only two videos i remember getting airplay. the video for "windowlicker" is a crazy unedited directors cut. definitely worth checking out. one time i gave a chick at a bar a ride back to her apartment, and in exchange she decided to fellate me on her couch to the sweet backing of her aphex twin video dvd. as creepy as the video for "come to daddy" truly is, the bizzaro level shoots through the stratosphere when a strange girl simultaneously has her mouth on your junk. not recommended, yet neither discouraged...


i dont think i know anyone who cared about anything unkle did other than this song. thom yorke 's vocals contribute to a pretty amazing song. i dont think anyone realized this is what radiohead was going to sound like in a few years. cool of those ones that always came on late at night.