Wednesday, February 20, 2008


After the nirvana post, its time to get a little more obscure. i remember these videos exclusively from "120 minutes" and anytime i tried to bring this band up people would go, "who the fuck is swervedriver?". well, here they are.

p.s. mezcal head was on the soundtrack for "road rage" along with rusty cage back when the playstation first came out.


for some reason nirvana doesn't really have the staying power with me as a lot of other bands from the era. sure i listened to the shit, but who didnt? i think i probably heard it SO much that there's little nostalgia factor to take in effect. unfortunately, this dude blowing his brains out has somehow perpetuated the career of that disastrous sow, courtney love. if you hadnt seen at least 75% of these videos in heavy rotation, you either a.) lived under a rock b.) didnt have cable c.) didnt have friends with cable.

p.s. notice in the video for "the man who sold the world" kurt beefs the guitar solo. shit became a huge hit single and there's a big glaring mistake on it. its like having your picture put in the sunday paper with a giant zit on your face.


"Loser" was fucking everywhere! i didnt want to actually buy this album so i had a friend of mine make me a cassette. for you youngsters, this was the 90's version of "burning a cd". basically your rich friend had a fancy stereo with a dual cassette deck (or if he was really ballin' he had the cd/cassette combo) and would dub you all the albums that his rich parents bought his spoiled ass. this was always the same kid who owned the terror dome or the ninja turtles sewer playset. he was your friend and all, but deep down you fucking hated him for all the shit he had and would find any opportunity to call him out whenever he was a douche. anyway, remarkably i remember all the words to "loser".


when i was a kid it wasn't cool to like weezer, so i had to sneak it. coincidentally enough, when pinkerton bombed it became really cool to like weezer. i used to watch intently for the "say it ain't so" video. unfortunately, universal fucked me out of posting the "sweater song". i really wanted to post it so i could comment on rivers' awful medieval-serf-penis haircut.

White Zombie

Unfortunately, universal music group are a bunch of uptight dong-huffers who wont let me post the rest of the white zombie catalog. we'll make do with these two great songs. this reminds me of a friend of mine who's mom freaked out and grounded him for two months when she found his copy of "la sexorcisto". dumbass should've hid it better. my porn piles may have gotten confiscated, but i'll be damned if my copies of "reign in blood" or "covenant" were ever discovered.