Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mr. Big

despite its obvious cheese-factor, i was pretty into this song. not really in a "get the record" sort of way, but more in a "oh cool, the mr. big video is on" way. i was always secretly suspicious of the lead singer's gender, and still question it to this day. the funny thing about mr. big was that it was like a laundry list of virtuoso musicians who hit it big with a corny ballad. on bass was billy sheehan who played in both steve vai and none other than "diamond" david lee roth's solo bands. on guitar was paul gilbert from racer x who was an 80's shred king. even after paul gilbert left, ritchie kotzen (another shred dude) stepped up to fill his spot. i know all this because im both a guitar and pop-culture nerd. now that i think about it, i should really check out some other mr. big material to see if its ballsier than this song....buuut i probably wont. enjoy.

okay, edit- i scoured youtube some more and forgot that they released of cover of cat stevens' (or yusuf islam for you heathens) "wild world". im taking this as the answer to my previous question- mr. big was the sellout move to get the chicks and the cash. im sure it worked for a minute.


more dumb dumb dumb white guy reggae. i knew so many people that treated this garbage like gospel. this was a phenomenon where the perpetually shirtless fat dude singer rode the H-horse out of town and the band didnt really get big until afterwards. whoopee. thats why the dick had to be superimposed in most of the videos. good fucking riddance. i've had my fingers crossed for over a decade that they don't unearth this turd's lost solo tapes or some shit. i could go the rest of my life without hearing anymore of this drivel.


what was this, '97? some pretty fucking annoying songs. i got kicked out of my junior high and ended up finishing the semester out at a large junior high/high school in a rednecky satellite town outside of little rock called bryant. all the kids were like something out of dawson's creek except there was a large percentage of total trailer trash and everyone had a colloquial southern accent that sounded like nails on a chalkboard. lots of doofuses with bleach-blond caesar cuts and ball necklaces. this shit and sublime were fucking huge there. im sure this band had more videos from the 90's but i dont care to search for them. death to dumb white-guy reggae!

Ugly Kid Joe

used to love this video. in case you haven't figured it out yet, i spent most of the decade in front of the television in the "family room" unsupervised for no less than 6 hours a day watching nothing but mtv. while all the other pussy kids my age were watching nickelodeon, disney channel, tgif, blossom, full house, or whatever broadcasted vomit was being aired, i studied the art of the music video. 1991 was a particularly intensive tv watching year for me, and this video got tons of air time. i remember being stoked when i heard it again in the theater while watching the "wayne's world" movie. its hard to believe whitfield crane went from this to singing in life of agony for a minute.

Cat's in the Cradle, Phil!

Dave Matthews Band

fuck dave matthews band. i would leave it that, but i feel as if it deserves so much more. words cannot express my loathing for these songs and their videos. i would've posted more but according to youtube, even fag-faced hippy dipshits dont even want to take the trouble to upload them. all of these songs got plenty of play and it was like having a soldering iron jammed up my urethra everytime i had to hear the hellish combination of fiddle, saxophone, acoustic guitar, and whatever other pigshit was thrown into the equation. i wish the klan would stop picking on black people and instead shift their agenda towards sending DAVE MATTHEWS back to africa.....or just lynching him for that matter.